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Ann-Helena Schlüter
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Hänssler Classic
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Hauffstr. 41. D-73765 Neuhausen

audite Musikproduktion
Hülsenweg 7. D-32760 Detmold

SCM Verlagsgruppe GmbH
Fontis Brunnen-Verlag Basel

Periplaneta Berlin, Glare Frankfurt, Heinrichshofen & Noetzel, Kopaed München, cap-music Altensteig, Furore-Verlag Kassel, Laurentius Musikverlag Frankfurt


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    ‚Invisible yet powerful, music lays itself into time.’

    Ann-Helena Schlüter in: Keine Wolke fällt tiefer als blau (No cloud falls deeper than blue), Lyrik opus 3

    Sounds are interactions between art and science.

    from: Flügelworte (winged words) opus 2

    What we cannot read or put into words: The invisible of art becomes visible. There is something clear and strong about being vulnerable and real. Transparent, vulnerable on stage, reading and hearing about the tenderness in life: What lies on the heart often seems to have been born in another world, through sounds, pictorial words. They are words that come into the world in a process; as long as that, I am responsible for them, so that they become understandable for others. Artistic expression is an explosion in freedom, because unconditionality is beauty: it grows and has joy at its core.

    Melted like molten tin Mirrors me in sound.

    Soli Deo Gloria