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Looking for the meaning of life, the miracles, the voice.

For me, you are wings guiding me through the obstacles, home between blossom, time, thorn. (AHS)

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News & Media, fb & Insta To all who do not like social media, who do not have Facebook and Instagram, but are still curious: here, via my website, you can find my postings, in addition photos and videos about my journeys, experiences, adventures, grand pianos, music and organs. First Facebook, then Insta.

Enclosed are the postings on my journeys and videos, I keep all that up to date.

You will find the tour blog herer: Tourblog and the poems here: Lyrik

You can see the most current postings and the number of likes as well as the comments only directly on fb Ann-Helena Page – also without being logged in.

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