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Keyboard Instruments

“She has a great gift to inspire – a woman with a vocation!” (Siranus Sven von Staden, author, entrepreneur)

Clavicord, pedal Clavichord, historical instruments, clavichord, pianoforte, harpsichord, spinet, Steinway, Hauptwerk organ. Old music, new music, modern instruments, own compositions, improvisations, songs. Correpetition, chamber music, song accompaniment

Old music, historical instruments, clavichord, pianoforte, harpsichord New music, modern instruments, own compositions, improvisations, songs correpetition, chamber music, song accompaniment

At the modern grand piano and historical keyboard instruments: concert grand piano, clavichord, harpsichord, pianoforte, historical organs.

Own instruments:

Steinway grand piano B Hamburg (built 2016);

clavichord Sander Ruys unfretted, 2 manuals, pedal instrument (built 2021); harpsichord (2 manuals);

Practice organ Hauptwerk organ black (2019, 3 manuals, OSI Hessen); Yamaha stage piano; Clavichord 2020 loan instrument Zander (2010), fretted,

spinet (2 manuals), portative

Practice instrument: Kather-Praetorius Clavichord 2010, short, broken octave, bound, split shaps, split semitones, double fretted, HfMT Hamburg

Programme: J.S. Bach, C.P.E. Bach, Georg and Gottlieb Muffat, Clerambault, Couperin, Sweelinck, Buxtehude, Beethoven, Schubert, Haydn, Mozart, own works

Organ Piano Vlog / Orgel Klavier Vlog


Study harpsichord, clavichord, basso continuo, continuo: Menno van Delft, Joachim Eichhorn, Guy Whatley, Nadine Remmert, Zsolt Gardonyi, Jesper Christensen

Liturgical organ playing/improvisation: Jan Ernst, Anke Willwohl, Reiner Gaar

Jazz piano: Christoph Spendel, Richard Roblee, Norbert Emminger

Conducting: Ari Rasilainen, Frank Löhr

Come along on the journey: Sound, Language, Polyphony

Lively old and new musik

The Clavichord

Sonorous Length

Within the knot

Not beating against the wave

But free in its own manner

Soft bridge pressure

In the ground

Not as stiff as heads

But bent

Trembling length

In the sound

Not as loud as the world

But in the evening

2021-2020 Walcker organ Wiesbaden, Sauer organ Mönchengladbach, Trost organ Waltershausen, Ehrlich organ Bad Wimpfen and Markt Nordheim, Hey organ Bad Windsheim, Schuke organ Berlin, Bach organ Arnstadt, Goll organ Hannover… Own composition, Chamber Music Salutare Stuttgart Mozart Piano Concerto B flat major 2nd movement Leipzig Bach Passacaglia Sauer organ Bach Trio Sonata in D minor Heissler-Elenz