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Bach Research

Tables, pipes, drawers and strings
Movements, pressure points, hammers

Musicology. Lectures and publications.

Artistic research. Field research. Grand piano and organ on the road 

Music puts people in touch, uncovers the nobility of the soul, transforms. (AHS)

What makes Ann-Helena stand out is her special connection and unity between scientific research and artistic activities.

She did that already during her education: Master of Arts studies with double major musicology and music education science at the University of Würzburg with Ulrich Konrad, Friedhelm Brusniak, Master of Arts. In addition, graduate instrumental teacher (diploma HfMT Cologne) and artist’s diploma, Master of Arts and concert exam piano HfM Würzburg with Bernd Glemser. Moreover, Master of Arts Organ (Christoph Bossert, Pieter van Dijk). Academic studies with Alexander Lingas, USA, Elena Ungeheuer, Kai Köpp, Reinhard Flender, HfMT Hamburg. Doctoral studies in musicology with Helmut Loos at the University of Leipzig and doctoral studies in music mediation and music education at the University Mozarteum Salzburg with Heike Henning and Silke Schmid, Freiburg. Her doctoral thesis, an empirical study in music education and Bach tutoring, is titled BACH BERÜHREN (TOUCHING BACH) (2021/22). 

“Creating a connection and collaboration between artistic profession, science and research is important.” (AHS)

Whoever says AHS must also say Bach. (Robert Winter)