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Cartoons, Drawings

by Martin Perscheid & Ann-Helena

News & Sounds. Martin Perscheid and AHS

Ann-Helena and Antarctica (An attempt to missionize the Antarctican people)

Unfortunately, Ann-Helena had too high expectations on the master class on the Art of the Fugue.

How to insult pianists: For Elise!

Professional: Could cook roast potatoes again Amateur: Oh no, now comes the Octavo …

From the book: Wings on Tour. Dances on the piano keys

And from the poetry volumes: Piano Poetry opus 1; Winged Words Piano Poetry opus 2

together with Martin Perscheid, who illustrated my books. He wrote his book Floradomie for me. I still have the first rough versions (love story), from our time in Cologne when I studied piano at the HfMT.

The book Floradomie is the only love story Martin Perscheid ever wrote and published, and he wrote it for me. I also have the original version. The book is originally called “The Flower from the Forest”. In this first original version there are no drawings and texts with hammers and breasts. It is a very romantic story. It is written for me and not by me. This original version by Martin was too mellow for the publisher, so Martin had to add a few of his typical jokes afterwards. The book is dedicated to me inside on the second page: For Ann-Helena. I am the flower he loves in the story. We were together for a few years back in Cologne, when I was studying at the Musikhochschule. Floradomie stands out completely from anything Martin has written or ever made before or since. I will post a video here showing the differences between the retail version and the original version. Overall, I have many of his original and unique drawings he has painted for me.

Ich habe viele Originale und Unikate von ihm, die er mir geschenkt hat. Zeichnungen & Cartoons AHS und Martin:

A sound sets the sail
Key sponge


Sound angle

in: Winged Words, Poetry opus 1

Fly sound


Winged Boat


in: Piano Lyrics, Poetry opus 2

Sheet music
Song wreath

in: No Cloud, Poetry opus 3

Jenki Doodle

in: Dances on the keys

Die auf den Tasten tanzt.

Piano Lyrik, Flügelworte

Original Perscheid oder AHS und Unikate mit Rahmen: Preis auf Anfrage
Floradomie Martin Perscheid