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Sheet music, Improvisation

Längtan (Longing)

Vita (DE)

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Music in approach

Tides and Waves of compositions

Distant key. White overtone series in the hearing cave.
The sea returns. Slept torn down.
Leaving the imitation, end in the Amen. (AHS)

Stille och Snö (Silence and Snow)

German-Swedish new music E, contemporary music (piano, organ, orchestra, chamber music, choir)

My piano gifts, my style and my own tone visions are captured in my compositions, the virtuoso moment in the sound world of the grand piano, the power and the poetry of the organ; the same is true for my orchestra compositions.

The particularities of the playing techniques also relate to the poetry within singing. Rendering snow, how does it sound? Light, cold, pain, bright, dark yearning, silence – how do I express that in terms of music?

how do I express that in terms of music? Tone visions, creativity and musicality are to be intensified, inspire composing, poetic thinking already while practicing and giving concerts: The recordings of the compositions (CD, digital) may help to find the special or Swedish expression.

The compositions are intended for use in concerts, but also for education – in order to deal with new music and to present it; but still readable, playable, enjoyable, a music that stays in your memory, makes sense and sounds.

My mother is from Småland in the south of Sweden, Jönköping – the Sweden of Astrid Lindgren. From my childhood on, I was there very often. At Christmas Time, there was so much snow that we could almost not get out of the house. In this compositions, I captured the atmosphere of this beautiful land: the vastness, the pleasant melancholy, the peace, dark forests and lakes, the singing language, the long and early darkness in the winter in contrast to the innocent, playful summers of berries and – intense yearning. This intense longing for freedom on the one hand and sense of security on the other, links my compositions to each other, the Swedish and the German part in me, the breeze, the awaiting, the wild and the stringent, the strong and the precise. Each musical note bears a message.

In music, improvisation conveys idea and deed, will and ability, urge and completion in the most direct way.

Jean Guillou

Sheet music:

Improvisationen Melbourne live, Schimmel
Himmelslieder live, Steinway
Sommer-Improvisationen Leipzig, Blüthner

Musik zur Welt

Die Hände das Ufer und fangen Heimat ein,
jede Zeit aufs Neue, Notenflut. (AHS)