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You will find the vitae press release at the end of this page. Thank you to my photographers; a.o. Donata Wenders, Ingmar Wein, Pascal Roessler, Lydia Eberhard, Volker Danzer, Ralf Schuck, Marco Dittrich, René Karich, Janina Riehm, Viktor Schwabenland, Heinz Grossenbacher, Gabi Krayl, Silvia Gralla, Petra Schaupner, Olaf Klump, AHS, Bastian Dittrich, Cornelia Matthias, klenkfilm Stuttgart, One Point Media Hannover, TMR Thüringen. If you use these photos, please state the respective names of the photographers.

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Photo: Pascal Roessler
Photo: Pascal Roessler
Photo: Pascal Roessler
Photo: Pascal Roessler
Photo: Pascal Roessler
Photo: Pascal Roessler
Photo: Pascal Roessler
Photo: Marco Dittrich

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Acryl-Kunst Ausstellungen
Orgelkonzert Dom Wetzlar
Lesung Buchmesse Leipzig
Konzertlesung Lübeck
Logo 2
Logo 3
Logo AHS
Logo AKS rot
Der Sonntag 2021
Sonntagsblatt 2021
Main-Post 2021
Nikolaikirche Leipzig

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Vorlage Plakat A / Design by Musik Grossenbacher
Vorlage Plakat B / Design by Musik Grossenbacher
Vorlage Plakat C / Design by Musik Grossenbacher
Vorlage Plakat D / Design by Musik Grossenbacher
Vorlage Plakat D / Design Musik Grossenbacher
Vorlage Plakat E / Design Musik Grossenbacher
Vorlage Plakat F / Design René Karich
Vorlage Plakat G / Design Ralf Wieland

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Press Release

The concert organist, concert pianist, and composer Ann-Helena Schlüter, supported in 2020 and 2021 by grants from the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation Switzerland and the Gisela Bartels Foundation, studied the concert discipline organ from 2018-2021 at the conservatories HfMDK Frankfurt am Main, HfK Heidelberg, HfM Würzburg and HfMT Hamburg with Ericsson, Bossert, van Dijk, Master grade 1.0, has been giving concerts worldwide on all continents since 2010, also in Corona times. Concert exam piano with Bernd Glemser.

Ann-Helena Schlüter, a Swedish-German artist and lyricist, studied in Germany, USA (Phoenix), Australia (Perth), and Austria, funded by DAAD, concert subject piano concert exam master class diploma Bernd Glemser, HfM Würzburg, HfMT Köln, HfM Detmold, music education and musicology at the University of Leipzig, University of Würzburg, University Mozarteum Salzburg (Master of Arts; doctoral programme, dissertation probably at the end of 2021). She is a musicologist, musical tutor, and book author, publishes CDs at Audite, Hänssler Classics, music sheets, volumes of poetry, and novels (SCM). She has won international awards in literature, music, and painting. She writes orchestral compositions, organ compositions, piano compositions, choral compositions, songs (Laurentius Musikverlag, Furore Verlag, Heinrichshofen Verlag).

Double major studies in musicology and music education at the University of Würzburg with Ulrich Konrad, Friedhelm Brusniak, Magistra Artium. Academic studies with Alexander Lingas, USA, Elena Ungeheuer, Kai Köpp, Reinhard Flender, HfMT Hamburg. Doctoral studies in musicology with Helmut Loos at the University of Leipzig and doctoral studies in musical tutoring and music educations at the University Mozarteum Salzburg with Heike Henning and Silke Schmid, Freiburg. Her dissertation in music education is entitled BACH BERÜHREN (TOUCHING BACH).

‘Creating a connection and collaboration between artistic profession, science and research is important.’ (AHS)

Soli Deo Gloria

Himmelslieder Plakate

Deutsche Radio Philharmonie, Saarländischer Rundfunk 2020