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Choral conducting, choir and voice

Master classes in organ with Daniel Roth, Olivier Latry, Naij Hakim and Hans-Ola Ericsson, among others, and in choir / choral conducting with Wolfgang Schäfer. She also studied orchestral conducting (Frank Löhr, Ari Rasilainen), harpsichord and clavichord (Menno van Delft), choral conducting (Frank Dittmer), liturgical organ playing (Jan Ernst, Reiner Gaar, Johannes Gebhardt), singing and composition. She is a protestant, ecumenical and religious artist. 

Composer of choral music

She publishes choral works and new spiritual songs. Her publishers include Heinrichshofen, Merseburg, PAN, Furore, audite, Hänssler Classic.

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Church music AHS

Composition, improvisation, organ tutoring

Klais Orgel Eggenfelden