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CV, Life, Resume 2023

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The Swedish-German concert pianist, concert organist, church musician and composer Ann-Helena Schlueter, Mag. art, born in Nuremberg, Germany, grew up in a pianist’s family. Her parents, sisters, brothers and together ten relatives are professional musicians. Piano lessons began when she was four years old. She was taught by her swedish mother, Ann-Margret Schlüter, who was teaching piano at the University of Würzburg. With six years old she was taught by her father, pianist Prof. Karl Heinz Schlüter, who was teaching at the University of Music in Nuremberg and Osnabrück. When she was eight years old, Ann wrote her first poems. 

She studied Concert-Organ 2017 until 2019 at the HfMDK Frankfurt/Main with grade „sehr gut“ (very good), 2019 until 2021 Concert-Organ Master at HfMT Hamburg and Master Organ at HfM Würzburg, grade 1,0 (very good).

Ann studied Concert Class KE Organ at HfK Heidelberg and then until 2023 Organ at HSLU Luzern and Church Music at the University Greifswald (Diploma Church Music 2023).

Her teachers were Pieter van Dijk, Christoph Bossert, Kay Johannsen, Hans-Ola Ericsson. She is also pianist (she studied Concert Class KE Piano with Bernd Glemser; HfM Würzburg, HfMT Cologne (Köln), HfM Detmold, Arizona State University, USA) and won piano competitions: Steinway Hamburg, Nuremberg, London and Zwickau. She won literature competitions in Villach (Austria), Nuremberg, Würzburg and publishes books, CDs, novels and poetry.

She studied Concert Exam in Piano, Bernd Glemser, HfM Würzburg, HfMT Cologne, HfM Detmold, Arizona State University, USA.

Whether as a soloist on the piano (concert exam masterclass diploma piano Bernd Glemser) or on the organ or as an composer: She is internationally known for her art. The German-Swedish dedicates herself to her extraordinary talents with all her heart and heart and gives concerts worldwide.

Born into a family of musicians and raised in Nuremberg, her musical and literary talents became very apparent at an early age: Initially taught by her parents, she soon took part successfully in international competitions, won numerous first prizes and awards, including piano competitions in Italy, in Nuremberg, Munich, London and Ettlingen as well as at the Steinway piano competition in Hamburg, multiple first national prize winner with special prize.
She won the Villach (Switzerland) and Nuremberg literature competition and was Prize winner in literature competitions in Regensburg, Munich, Bielefeld and Hamburg. The recording artist has been publishing Solo-CDs and books since 2010. 2021 her second Organ-CD (Audite) was relaesed, 2022 and 2023 her compositions ans her poetry were published.

The intensive studies of the Bernd Glemser-masterstudent in the subjects of piano (Konzertexamen Klavier), organ (master organ), musicology and music education (doctorate PHD-studies in musicology and Musikvermittlung) took her to the music colleges and universities in Cologne, Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main, Würzburg, Detmold as well as Leipzig, Heidelberg, University Mozarteum Salzburg, Perth and Phoenix Arizona State University.

She studied organ with Carsten Wiebusch, Christoph Bossert, Pieter van Dijk, Kay Johannsen, Hans-Ola Ericsson. First she studied piano, then organ, her teachers were Bernd Glemser, Christoph Bossert, Arne Torger, Anatol Ugorski, Eckart Sellheim, Walter Cosand, Kimberly Marshall, Nina Tichman, Günther Kaunzinger, Hans-Ola Ericsson, Ulrich Konrad, Helmuth Loos, Heike Henning, Conducting with Ari Rasilainen and Frank Löhr. Master classes in piano and organ with Hakim, Ericsson, Latry, Roth, Jacobs, Perticaroli, Schmeding, Gulda, Weissenberg, Kämmerling, Gililov, Badura-Skoda, Hewitt, piano duo Tal / Groethuysen and Margulis rounded off their studies.

Ann-Helena Schlueter can be heard all over the world as a soloist on piano and organ. In addition to numerous concert engagements in Germany and other European countries, she has already made guest appearances in Israel, Russia, Africa and Nepal, the Philippines, Australia, the USA and Asia.

She played with well-known ensembles such as the German Radio Philharmonic, the Jena Philharmonic, the Nuremberg Opera House Orchestra, the Masterworks Festival Orchestra and various chamber orchestras on renowned stages, including the Liederhalle Stuttgart, the Mozarteum Salzburg, the Gewandhaus zu Leipzig, the Admiralspalast Berlin, the Meistersingerhalle Nuremberg, at Schloss Elmau and the Laeiszhalle Hamburg.

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While still in Secondary School and Music High School she became student of Prof. Arne Torger at the University of Music in Würzburg. Then she studied with Prof. Nina Tichman at the University of Music Cologne, after that with Prof. Anatol Ugorsky at the University of Music in Detmold and with Prof. Bernd Glemser at the University of Music in Würzburg. 

She earned her Master of Music Piano Performance at the Arizona State University School of Music, Tempe, Arizona, USA, studying piano with Prof. Walter Cosand and chamber music and collaborative piano with Prof. Eckart Sellheim for 2 years with full scholarship. She became graduate teaching assistant at the Arizona State University, USA.

In Germany she taught at the University Würzburg and the University of Music Würzburg. Parallel Magister Artium in musicology and music analysis at the University Würzburg with Ulrich Konrad, Friedhelm Brusniak in a double major in three semester, her thesis Bachs Goldberg Variations, published. Since she is a doctorate student PHD in musicology and music education at the University Leipzig/Bach-Archiv Leipzig (Helmuth Loos) and Mozarteum Salzburg (Heike Henning). She published novels and poetry and composes.

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Concert Organist, Concert Pianist

Numerous recordings for Bavarian, North German and Saarland radio as well as for Hänssler Classic, Classicophon, SCM and cap-music document the artist’s work. In the past few years he has included Bach’s Art of Fugue, the Goldberg Variations, the Well-Tempered Clavier and the Musical Sacrifice and has devoted himself intensively to Beethoven’s sonatas, Chopin’s etudes and ballads as well as his own compositions, improvisations and songs on CDs.

In addition, the recording artist published eight books: three novels, three volumes of poetry (Glaré-Verlag Frankfurt, Periplaneta Verlag Berlin, Fontis Verlag Basel, SCM Verlag) and two academic papers (Kopaed Verlag Munich). She has also won international prizes in painting, including in Brussels.

Her compositions 2020 were published by Heinrichshofen Verlag, Laurentius Verlag Frankfurt and Furore Verlag Kassel (piano, organ, string quartets, piano quintet). In addition to her varied concert engagements, the artist is currently doing her doctorate on the mediation of Bach’s music at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg. She is scholarship holder of the DAAD, Erasmus, the Gisela Bartels Foundation Hamburg, the Oscar and Vera Ritter Foundation, the Neumann Foundation Frankfurt, the Richard Wagner Foundation Bayreuth and the Salzburg Festival.

She accomplished several academic degrees in Cologne, Würzburg, Frankfurt, Detmold, Heidelberg, Salzburg and in the USA in Piano Solo and in Music Pedagogy (Diploma Music Education, Artistic Solo-Diploma Piano, Konzertexamen, Bachelor of Music, Master of Music, Magister Artium). She played in masterclasses, festivals and concerts (in Italy, Poland, USA, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Nepal, Austria, Australia, USA), masterclasses piano and organ with Gililov, Margulis, Kämmerling, Perticaroli, Gililov, Hewitt, Hakim, Ericsson, Schmeding, Jacobs, Weißenberg, Berman, Bossert, Guarneri Trio, Duo Karl-Heinz/Michael Schlüter…), DAAD- scholar, GVL-scholar, Vera-Ritter-Foundation, Arizona State University-scholar.

She received a DAAD scholarship for studying in foreign countries. She won first prize in many piano competitions in Germany and abroad: International Steinway Piano Competition Hamburg, International Nürnberg Piano Competition, International Robert Schumann Piano Competition Zwickau, Prizewinner Bundes- Competition, International Concerto Competiton MasterWorks Festival London, Tschaikowsky Piano Concerto, 2019 in Leipzig Gewandhaus and 2020 with Deutsche Radio Philharmonie Saarland before Corona.

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with Jenaer Philharmoniker, Schumann Piano Concerto with Masterworks Festival Orchestra in London. She won several writing- competitions, published her lyrics, poems and songs and founded several music duos and ensembles. She is a member of VS, AVF, GEMA, GVL, VG Wort, DTKV, Crescendo International. She played concerts on all continents: in Europe, Africa, Israel, USA, Australia. Her students are as well prizewinners in piano solo and four hands. She is teaching on music Festivals in Hungary, Germany and Switzerland and leads Improvisations-Seminars all over. She speaks Swedish, English, German. 2020-2019 her 10th solo CDs released by hänssler classic: Bachs Goldberg-Variations, Art of Fugue, Wohltemperiertes Klavier WTK I, Duetts, Musical Offering, Schuebler Chorals, Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue, Chopin Ballads, Sonatas by Haydn, Beethoven, Mozart and own PianoLyrik, and four with her own songs, piano music and lyrics. She played concerts and taught in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, America, USA.

She studied organ 2017-2019 at HfMDK Frankfurt/Main with “very good” in one year (Bachelor B. Mus., Organ, Bachelorpaper published), while she was performing as concert-pianist and writer, sedan 2019 KA Organ in the Music-University for church music Heidelberg.

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CV French

Organiste et concertiste suédo-allemande, Ann-Helena Schlüter est née à Nuremberg. Pianiste et poète, elle a étudié l‘orgue à l‘Université de musique et des arts du spectacle de Francfort-sur-le-Main de 2017 à 2019 (HfMDK: Hochschule d‘État pour la musique, le théâtre et la danse), avec mention „très bien“.

Master d‘orgue à l‘Ecole supérieure de musique et d’art dramatique (HfMT) de Hambourg à partir de 2019. Jusqu‘en 2021 à la Hochschule für Musik de Würzburg, note globale 1 (meilleure note en Allemagne).

Elle a étudié également KE à la Hochschule für Kirchenmusik de Heidelberg, puis a suivi des cours avancés d‘orgue à la Haute École de Lucerne 2021-2022 et de musique religieuse  à l‘Université de Greifswald jusqu‘en 2023 (Diploma Kirchenmusik).

Ses professeurs étaient Pieter van Dijk, Christoph Bossert, Kay Johannsen et Hans-Ola Ericsson. Elle est également pianiste (Concert Exam in Piano, Bernd Glemser, HfM Würzburg, HfMT Cologne, HfM Detmold, Arizona State University, USA).

Elle remporte, entre autres, des concours de poésie à Villach, Nuremberg, Würzburg et pubile des romans, CDs et des recueils de poésie.

Mein Herz rollt
an ist geschwollen wo
es schlägt aus
 den Nasenflügeln pocht Herz